Ticket Sales, News and Pictures

A few of the dates for the Disturbed tour have shown up on Ticketmaster for sale. I’ll try to keep an eye out to let everyone know when the rest are coming.

I heard a rumor from a little birdy that a new official MySpace layout is in the works, as well as a new EP that might be sold exclusively at the Music as a Weapon tour for charity. So start saving your pennies incase it happens so you can buy a few.

The official store has been updated with three new shirts and a brand new hoodie.

As for the Carson Daly video — there was an issue with the recording of the show, and unfortunately as of this moment, we don’t have a copy. But Scott of LaceyMosley.net has come to the rescue and said that he’ll provide us one. So whenever he sends it, I’ll add it up.

A new photoshoot and scans from Kerrang magazine have been added to the gallery. Click the respective pictures to view the albums.

21 thoughts on “Ticket Sales, News and Pictures

  1. Barc0de

    the tour when flyleaf is in germany with stone sour isn’t part of the music as a weapon tour, is it? i really would like to buy that ep when they really sell it.

  2. scott

    I want that hoodie! Haha.. and for the video. I’ll have it sent tonight! (im still in the process, i couldnt make it up that late so i have to record it from a tape to a dvd then encode…). Sorry for such a long wait.

  3. brandi

    i dont wanna be annoying or anything but i was just wondering out of curiosity about that interview with lacey with the questions that we asked i was just wondering if that was done yet :) and when it was gonna be posted

  4. brittany Post author

    Whenever she gets back to me is when it’ll be posted. She’s a busy girl. Not withholding information or anything. :D

  5. ellie

    hey! not sure if you guys know this but flyleaf recently signed with bmg japan, and they’ll be touring there in 2007 probably. :-) also, brittany- you didn’t by any chance have the email extreme_faith88 did you? i think it was @hotmail.com. anyways, thought i’d share that news, even though it might be old. haha..

  6. reginafilangie

    I’ve never looked at the Flyleaf merchandise until now, and I have to say that the Dragon Girl Jr. Tee is not cool. (Sorry if anyone’s offended b/c they like that shirt).

  7. Scarlette

    Hey Peoples!
    Can I ask a favor? Can you please pray for my mom’s friend’s husband……..he got elctracuted wity 7,000 bults of electricity. He’s in a coma, and is definatly gonna loose his fingers, maybe his hands! Please help!

  8. Alex

    OMG! I LOVE FLYLEAF THEY ARE MY FAV BAND!!!!!! Hey were can you get their tee shirts or other stuff from besides this web site?

  9. Laura

    I first saw Flyleaf at the House of Blues Chicago. I was blown away by their music. They rock! One day the whole world will know who they are.

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