Music as a Weapon Tour, Buzznet Video, AOL Music

The Music as a Weapon Tour III dates have been released. I have the whole batch of them, along with Flyleaf’s TV appearances listed on the tour page. I also fixed up the navigation for the tour archive and made it a little easier to surf through.

Today is also the one year anniversary of the Flyleaf LP debut. They’ve come quite a long way in the past year, and they all deserve a big congratulations on it. So congrats!

Lacey has been recognized by AOL Music as being one of the Top 20 “Women Who Rock”. She came in at #11. You can read what they had to say about her here.

Sean, the winner of Buzznet’s Fly Away contest was able to interview Flyleaf at the Boston date of the Family Values Tour. You can view the video here.

In the gallery, a few photos from Flyleaf’s performance on CD USA were added. You can see Pat’s supa awesome sharpie ‘stache in a few of them. You can also get a pretty clear view of Lacey’s new hair. I know a lot of people have been asking for pictures of it.

4 thoughts on “Music as a Weapon Tour, Buzznet Video, AOL Music

  1. Barc0de

    Hi. I think Lacey should be at least at #3. I wouldn’t even describe some of these women as “women who rock”…

    Anyways, this page rocks. Congratulations brittany. You made the best fan page I’ve ever seen. The video and audio database is just amazing.


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