CD USA Performance

For anyone who hasn’t already seen it. Here’s the CD USA performance of Fully Alive.

Edit: Alrighty. A higher quality MPG of the CD USA performance has been uploaded, as well as a WMV file. Thank you to Mike for the original files, and to Caleb for encoding the MPG to make it smaller.

In the gallery, I updated the following albums:

The date for the Last Call with Carson Daly performance is on Friday night (technically Saturday morning really early) at 1:35AM EST. If you’re in a different timezone, you might want to check your local listings to make sure. The site will most likely have the video up soon after the airing of it.

The Making of Fully Alive is going to be shown on Fuse at the following times:

10/11 @ 10PM and 2AM
10/13 @ 2PM
10/16 @ 2PM
10/20 @ 10PM
10/27 @ 10PM
11/02 @ 5:30PM
11/04 @ 4:30PM

I’m not sure if that’ll be the same one that aired on MTV2. The video of the MTV2 airing is in the video section, but incase it’s not, those are the dates.

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