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For everyone who has an LJ, feel free to join the Flyleaf community I made. I registered the name back in December of last year, but I never customized it or anything until recently. It’s now open for business though. Once it gains some members, I’ll open applications for moderators/maintainers to help run the community.

I’m not sure if I ever put it here, but I opened a Flyleaf group on Last.FM. So if you have an account there, feel free to join that too and post on the forums if you’re feeling whimsical.

In the gallery, I added a few pictures from The Metro thanks to Samantha S.

As for the CD USA thing, if it would be possible for someone to nab a video copy of their performance on that show for the site, that would be awesome. Neither Caleb or I are Direct TV customers, so we can’t do it unfortunately. If you can do it, please email me and let me know. Thanks in advance to anyone who’s willing.

Also, the Carson Daly show is only being taped on the 28th. I don’t think that’s when the show actually airs. They’re not listed as being on for Thursday. Whenever I figure out the actual air date, I’ll update everyone here.

8 thoughts on “LJ Community, Last.FM, Pictures

  1. Emilio Mejia

    You can go to the website on Saturday because that’s when it airs on Directv and then save the file because it does show it on the website. I’ve done it before with other bands that have preformed there?

  2. Scott

    commented on wrong post…

    OMG… about that cd usa thing, when does it air? We have direct tv but we are getting rid of it any day now =( It sucks so bad..


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