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According to Flyleaf’s MySpace, the band is going to be taping a performance for Last Call with Carson Daly on September 28th. They’ll also be taping a performance for CD USA on the same day. Information on how to attend these shows can be found on

The interview for Lacey was sent out today, so there’s no need to send more questions in. Since there were so many (even after I narrowed them down), she’s going to send one question/answer at a time that I’ll post with an update.

In the media section, the last two videos from Bethel were added. I think that’s the last of the videos that we have for now. So enjoy the 139 videos on the site, ’cause it’s all you’re gettin’ for now. ;) Also, I added two new wallpapers.

Yesterday, I did a massive upgrade to the gallery software. It was running on a really old version. It took me a good chunk of the night to get everything backed up and updated. I had to recode the template because the old one didn’t want to cooperate with the new one. I doubt anybody will notice a change, but it’s an update nonetheless. Aside from that, I added a few new SPAC pictures taken by my awesome local radio station 103.1. There hasn’t been much else surfacing lately, so if you guys are taking pictures, feel free to send them in if you wouldn’t mind seeing them in the gallery.

I updated the Flyleaf links page today with a few new sites. If any of you run a Flyleaf fansite or forum, email me and I’ll add your link to that page.

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