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Sorry about the slack in updating guys. There hasn’t been much going on in the past few days. That’s generally when I decide to scour the site to see if there’s anything I can upgrade. I decided that I’m going to snazz up the discography a little more. I’ll be adding separate pages for each album/ep with more information as to who produced/mixed/etc. It’s kind of bare in that respect.

In other news, I have a request for everyone who visits. Lacey invited me to interview her for the site when I last saw her and I have a few things in mind, but I think it’d be cool if you guys tossed in your ideas too. If there’s been something you’ve wondered about the band or music, fill out the form on the contact page or comment with the question(s) and I’ll include them.

In the media section, two more videos from the Bethel Youth Center have been added. I believe there are two more waiting to be encoded and uploaded, but that might take a little bit since Caleb has to catch up on a bunch of school work. A new drawing of Pat was added to the fanart page thanks to Ralin.

The gallery was updated with a bunch of photos. First, a small collection of photoshoot pictures thanks to Stewart Isbell. There are specific rules in regards to using those photos, so please respect his wishes. One candid was added as well as a few more behind the scenes shots of the band and Richard Patrick of Army of Anyone. A few from the Criminal Records in-store were put up in addition to some miscellaneous live photos.

Lastly, a set of really nice pictures were taken of the band for Incendio Nation. They’re a really awesome clothing line that everyone should check out. Their MySpace is here and their official site is here. They have Flyleaf featured as their band of the month.

11 thoughts on “Videos, Gallery, Discography

  1. alexa

    i have a question for you to ask them. this is really stupid of me to ask them this but you know some christians cuss right and i wanted to know if they’ve ever cussed before, like on accident or mistake. or it just came out unexpectingly? and second question, i wanted to know if like one of their unreleased songs like, supernatural, whispering fingertips, sleepwalker, and others , will they ever play some of those at their concerts? and will they put them on their new cd?

  2. Paul

    Hey..I have a couple of suggestions for questions:

    Q. Which song do the band most enjoy performing for their fans? Which gets the best responses and energy?

    Q. What is the favorite song to date for each band member?

  3. mona

    i have a question. umm how do u deal w/ sexual purity because i know that a lot of guys may throw themselves at lacey. how does she deal with it cuz were not all perfect

  4. brittany noel

    I believe I’ve got a question or two to offer for the interview……..

    1. Since it’s been almost a year since the debut, when are they going to start writing and preparing for the next album?

    2. One thing I love about Flyleaf is that they are Christians and their faith shines through a lot of their lyrics, but they’re not just played on the Christian radios or tv or anything like that. They’re out there for everyone to listen to but they don’t shove their beliefs down your throat. Ok, here’s the actual question: Do they ever get negative attitudes or words thrown at them because of their beliefs? And if so, how do you deal with that?

  5. brianna

    This may be a little long…
    I have a question for Lacey…How do you prepare to go up onstage and perform?? Are there any warm-ups or I guess you could call it “traditional” things that you do before a show??? If you do…what are they??

    And another one… [I think something similar was asked] What do you say to someone that openly gives negative feedback to your music?? Do you say anything?

    Ok this is just a statement:: Lacey, I think you are one of the most talented rockers out there…Sameer and Jared are awesome on guitar..Pat is insane on stage and James is the type of drummer that everyone wants in their band. In case you haven`t noticed already…Flyleaf is my favorite band. ROCK ON.

  6. brandi

    ok i thought of my question :) what would you guys say to someone who wanted to do what you do who wanted to be a band that sings about christian values and theyre relationship with God and wants to be a possitive influence and share theyre faith?? what advice would you give them??

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