Bethel Live Videos

Four videos from the Bethel Youth Center have been added. Links to download them are below:

Red Sam26.9 MBS // 9.70 MBS
Breathe Today25.1 MBS // 9.05 MBS
Perfect19.5 MBS // 7.09 MBS
Broken Wings26.6 MBS // 9.57 MBS

In other news, Flyleaf is “strongly” rumored to be an opening act for Disturbed’s Music As A Weapon III tour which starts off in November. An official announcement about the tour will be announced soon on Disturbed’s fan club site. Thanks to Sheila8703 on EvBoard for that information.

For those of you interested in purchasing a physical I’m So Sick single, you can do so here. I also added it to the discography.

Some photos from Stadtpark in Hamburg Germany were added. Those were taken by Torsten Volkmer. The gallery hit 4000 pictures with that set, which was a small ‘yay’ moment for the site.

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