is back! Weeeee!

After some issues, Flyleaf Fans has returned. The latest backup of the site that was able to be restored was July 27th. So, if you registered on the board after that, unfortunately your account was lost. Aside from that, everything should be smooth sailing from now on because the site is on a new server.

As far as actual site updates — not much going on as of late. I added a few things to the gallery, which I’ll just list seeing as there’s not much else.

The Loft – Thanks to Mallory.
The Edge Magazine Scans
Headliners – Thanks to Kate.
Hawthorne Theatre – Thanks to Ginny.

Within the next day or so, I’ll be putting up some live video from Bethel Youth Center thanks to Josh and Caleb. I think the Bethel set will hold the first live video of Broken Wings this site has seen. It’s different from the demos we’ve all heard, so look out for that.

If anybody has requests/suggestions — hit me up. I’m at a loss for new ideas.

10 thoughts on “ is back! Weeeee!

  1. savannah

    Your messages are so awsome!I was wondring if Flyleaf is going to make a new album yet?So, just email me back in 2 weeks please cuse i”ll be gone.THANKS!!!!Flyleaf is soooooooo awsome!!!!!!

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