Video Premiere

Click the picture to go to the video page. The HQ copy of the video has been added. Thanks to Caleb for obtaining the HQ and Josh for the LQ. It’s one of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen as far as imagery, and I’m not just being a proud fan. Or maybe I am. I don’t know. Go judge for yourself!

The MTV2 special should be coming within the next couple hours so keep a look out. Caleb’s internet died right as he was about to upload and I guess it’ll be down ’til 7AM. Sorry, but it’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow. *pouts* I still haven’t seen it either, so I’m just as bummed as anyone. Feel free to discuss the video amongst yourselves in the comments.

Also, some new photoshoot pictures have been released. Click the respective pictures to see those and here to see the old behind the scenes pictures as well.

12 thoughts on “Video Premiere

  1. lamonn frye

    i hope that flyleaf sees like a number one fan…beacause she is soo hot..and has the cutest voice ever.!!!..well keep it up girl..and the band..the band is rockin! well i wish the best for this group! dont give up!…..i love you flyleaf muah!!

  2. Jacie B.

    I saw the video today. I love it, love it.. Flyleaf has became one of my fav bands, and I will see them soon in Kansas @ Verizon Wireless!!!!!!! Much love!!

  3. Masha

    I LOVE IT! I agree with Anthony A. I wish they had videos for all their songs, because every single one so far has been awesome, especially this one.

  4. brittany Post author

    It says “Law of freedom: mercy triumphs over judgement”. Same thing that was on her arm for Jimmy Kimmel and pretty much the same as the Fuse Daily Download performances.


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