Fully Alive Video Newsss

On Monday July 24, MTV2 will be showing a “Making of the Video” with Flyleaf for Fully Alive. A 15 second promo for the show, which shows some of the video, has been already playing on MTV2. So if you watch that channel, keep a look out for it. The site will have the show and the video up a day or so after it airs for anyone who doesn’t have the channel.

There’s a contest happening over on Wiredset.com where you can win a Meet and Greet with Flyleaf on their tour bus at Family Values. There will be 5 winners, and 10 who will receive an autographed Flyleaf album.

MTV2 All That Rocks is airing on July 30th, which is coming up pretty soon. So keep voting for Flyleaf as the New Breakout Band.

On the video page, more songs from The Complex were put up. The rest will come with the next update, and then the Juanita’s videos will be added in blocks. So watch for those soon. The full Jimmy Kimmel performance of Fully Alive was also added thanks to Kelly Carter. It was ripped from a LQ stream on Kimmel’s website, so forgive the quality.

A bunch of photos from The Complex were added thanks to Preston Rodgers. A few more from Cornerstone were added as well which were photographed by The Stir.

Not much else has been going on since Flyleaf has been on a well deserved vacation from touring. Things will probably pick up when Fully Alive is released in a few days, and the Family Values Tour starts up. In the meantime, if anyone has requests or ideas as far as new things you’d like to see, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

27 thoughts on “Fully Alive Video Newsss

  1. Torey

    It’s 8:10 here, and I just saw ”Fully Alive” on MTV2. The Making of the Video is not supposed to air in Mansfield, Ohio until 10:30 on MTV2, but for some reason the video was in fact up. I caught the video half-way through after I turned the television to MTV2 after watching an episode of ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. ”Buffy” ended at 8:00, and I turned the television just so I had the television on the correct station for when 10:30 approached…. I wonder what’s the deal? I thought the video WORLD-PREMIERED at 10:30?!

  2. brandi

    mtv2.com but its really small and it keeps starting and dtoping atleast on my computer it does it may work for you though

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