Guitar World article, new videos, updated discography, HOORAY!

So, I’m back from my camping trip and I bear gifts of the Flyleaf caliber. Rejoice! Your Flyleaf drought is over! 8D

The discography section got a big facelift today. I added links to purchase the various EPs/Albums, and I also added the Rolling Stone Originals EP along with the Walmart EP. Also in the band section, I updated the chart history page with new numbers. Fully Alive has reached #28 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, and the album has sold roughly 281,000 copies.

The video page was also broken up into sections because it was getting way too big. Four videos from The Complex show were added. More to come from that show later on. One from the Cornerstone festival was also put up.

I finally got my hands on the infamous Guitar World article for everyone to take a look at. Please remember that the whole thing is made up before taking it seriously. Also in the gallery, I added a nice shot of Lacey taken by Sean Moorman. A bunch of snazzy photos from Cornerstone were uploaded thanks to Cindy. A set of photos from Flyleaf’s Discover and Download set from were put up here. Those were taken by the wonderful Amy Cooper.

10 thoughts on “Guitar World article, new videos, updated discography, HOORAY!

  1. alexa

    hey Brittany, i heard that the making of Fully Alive is going to be on MTV2 on these dates: 7/24 @ 9:30pm
    7/24 @ 2am
    7/25 @ 3am
    7/27 @8:30am
    So watch out for these. don’t miss it. i will probably miss it because i don’t have that channel. but i will defintly find a way. i am NOT going to miss this.

  2. brandi

    hey i dont wanna be annoying and aggrivating but i was jw when the rest of the Memphis videos were gonna be up??

  3. brittany Post author

    In a couple days. Regardless of whether you asked for an explanation or not, I want to explain why I’m adding a couple every few days.

    The reason I’m putting a couple up at a time is to make them last. The last time a full show was put up in one pop, we had about a week or so span of not adding videos because we had nothing to add in that particular section. People decided to complain about the lack of new videos. Meanwhile, there was at least 40/50 videos already on the site, which is a TON more than normal fansites host. Especially fansites without fifteen million ads.

    I was honestly really bothered by it. So to prevent people from bugging me about the lack of new videos, I decided to space them out between updates. It’s obviously not working.

    I really try my best, and so do the people who help me out with the site, and I generally add things as I get them. Also, it’s not an easy process for Caleb to cut the videos up, convert them and edit them. It’s a pain to have people contact us by email or through here asking for more. If there’s more to add, be patient, because we’re not going to hold out on you.

  4. brandi

    im not comlaining i love this site and i think you do an awesome job i was just curious cus im wanting to see the one for im so sick at that show because i got to scream in it lol but that makes alot of sense y your not adding them all at once thanks for answering though i know you really do get alot of complaints and upatientness :)

  5. jada

    hey,what’s up band omg im so in love with the song “I’m So Sick” mine that song is off the chain it is so tight .

    holla back at ya gurl when ya’ll get a chance!
    peace out band,
    jada thomas


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