Fully Alive Video

The video for Fully Alive will be shot in early July. The directors will be The Brothers Strause, the same guys that did the I’m So Sick video. Hopefully, the video will be done by early August since I’m So Sick took only about a month to edit.

A few more Stubb’s BBQ videos were added today. I might work on some more media related content to add later on tonight.

As far as pictures, a new cover for the I’m So Sick single has surfaced. A set from The Belmont was added thanks to Diana. A bunch from Piere’s were also put up.

Small update today, but I figured something was better than nothing.

9 thoughts on “Fully Alive Video

  1. james

    im bored….
    so i decided to check in on flyleaf and all.
    so fully alive huh
    great thats one of my fav.’s

    i still cant find tickets to the show in frisco, texas.

  2. Kara

    I just had to let you know that your songs “Supernatural” and “So I Thought” are two of my favorite songs ever! My cousin just recently died after getting on a crouch-rocket and within 2 minutes of getting on it he crashed and died, and these songs just really helped me through it, he died June 9th, 2006. He was 23 years old, and playing with his band at a local bar. Today was his funeral and it was overwhelming. Thank You for being so talented!X!!! You ROCK!!!

  3. Joey

    Hey, I was listening to the radio on the side, and I noticed that the song Fully Alive is different from the cd. Can someone tell me why?

  4. liza

    i love flyleaf at first i didn’t know about them but now that i do i love them and i hope that i can go to see them when they come to where i live you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!


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