The extreme lack of news fails and makes for no updates. :[

I’ve been sitting here for the past week waiting for some news to pop up like it always tends to do, and there hasn’t been anything. So I pretty much just updated what I could because I’m desperate.

In the band section, the chart history page has been updated with a new albums sold total. Some European tour dates have also been added. There’s also a headlining date that Flyleaf is playing in Toronto on June 14th. So you Canadian fans should jump on that if you can. I know you’ve been waiting for a tour date. The FAQ has also been updated with a few more questions.

The media section was updated with some new fanart thanks to Carly and Myranie. One new wallpaper was added as well. I also spent about fifteen zillion hours working on the video page. Those description popups are finally working. Also, three new videos from Stubb’s BBQ were added. Thanks to Josh for the DVD and Caleb for cutting it up and uploading. Some more videos are to come in the next few days.

Two new affiliates were added. OLP Zone and EvBoard. I’m a moderator over at EvBoard, incase anyone was aching to know. Woo for EvBoard.

In the gallery, some photos from May Day 2006 were put up. A few candids from the bands MySpace were also added. One shot from Rock am Ring got put up. I’ll work on getting more from there. Some super old pictures from The Vibe were added from when the band was Passerby thanks to Josh. A bunch from the Varsity Theater were added thanks to Rabbit as well as a few of her and Marika with Flyleaf and a setlist. A set from the WHFS Festival was put up, and a few miscellaneous ones were as well.

8 thoughts on “The extreme lack of news fails and makes for no updates. :[

  1. brandi

    hey i cant get the stubbs videos to work can some1 help? they play the music but i cant see the video

  2. Caleb

    Do you have the divx codec? They’re encoded the same as the Off the Wagon and Zydeco shows. Also, try viewing them with a variety of different players.

  3. brandi

    i did have the divx thing but i deleted it cus i dint think i needed it cus i have win amp and now i dunno how to get it again lol

  4. Kim

    NICE video pop up descriptions!!! There are so many different video files that sometimes when I’m telling people a specific download, I get them mixed up. This really helps tell them apart very quickly! YOU GO GIRL! user friendliness! yesss!

  5. james

    i cant find tickets for laceys show in frisco.
    i even asked her little sister but she’s no help at all!
    she didn’t even knoe that she was coming into town.



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