Family Values Tour Dates, Photos and Videos

First and foremost, congrats to Flyleaf for hitting the 200,000 albums sold mark. Second, and not so foremost, sorry about the severe slack in writing updates. I’ve been updating the actual site as far as individual pages, but I’m not good with these summary type things. So for that, I apologize.

The TRL phone lines are now open 24/7, so you can call at anytime and request I’m So Sick. If I might remind everyone, the Octone ST is running a great contest for voters.

At, the exclusive digital EP has been added. It’s been up there since the end of April, so I’m kind of late on that, but you can view/purchase it here. It includes Tina, Supernatural, Much Like Falling and a live version of I’m So Sick.

The rest of the Family Values tour dates have been added as well as some various other shows. The chart history page has also been updated.

Two videos from MTVU’s Backstage Pass series have been added. One of them is a regular interview where the band history is covered, and the other is one with a few questions that fans sent in. Both of those are thanks to Sir Caleb of d0rkland.

A ton of photos from the Showplace Theatre have been put up thanks to Zigkiss. A bunch from Fat Tuesdays in Spokane were also added thanks to Brittany and Mia. Courtesy of the lovely Anne Ryan, some photos from the Electric Factory and another unknown venue were added. Some more from the The Belmont were put up, and one from The Roxy Theatre was too.

26 thoughts on “Family Values Tour Dates, Photos and Videos

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  2. Courtney

    Hey, I e-mailed you about this, and sent one of those suggestion things on it, too, but lately my internet has been weird and it says it’s disconnecting on the pages, but there’s a Flyleaf torrent that you can get unreleased songs and such on, so I thought you might like to know that. I really hate internet when it’s mean like that, haha, but anyway, I was just going to send you the songs already formatted into mp3’s, but I haven’t been able to upload anything either, gosh. Anyway, it has like Sleepwalker and Amy Says (which are so awesome) and Tiny Heart in which her vocals are awesome, and then there’s Guilty which starts out average but ends powerfully and the 2000 EP version of Ocean Waves. And some other stuff, those are just the ones that stuck out to me. And the recorded version of Believe in Dreams, though I like the live radio acoustic better, but anyway. Here’s the link:, so yeah.


  3. brittany Post author

    Hey Courtney — I have the songs in the torrent file, but I don’t think I’m at liberty to put those files on the site. I’m not sure if that’s what you were asking me to do, but the audio files I already have on here are legal. The EP/LP tracks are from samplers, and the Dang Studio stuff I got straight from the producer. The live stuff is from kids who go to the shows. Anyways, I’m not sure if sharing some of those unreleased tracks freely is entirely legal. I would if I could though. Thanks for letting me know.

    And to James — I put up the videos I get as soon as I receive them. As the band gets more popular, the harder it will be to tape shows. Ya know? But rest assured, if I get any videos, I’ll post them immediately. Same goes for every other type of content. :]

  4. Courtney

    Oh, okay. Maybe you could add them to the player? People can’t download stuff from that, I dunno. Anyway, yeah, I forgot about all that legal stuff. Thanks for letting me know, though!

  5. brandi

    hey brittany i just eanted to let you know i found a interview i dunno if you can put the video up or not but its rock and roll circus or something it was pretty cool

  6. Kim

    where egg-actly is dOrkland located on the earth orb? guess i should google it hunh? i had NO idea caleb was a SIR!

    BTW – you guys rawk my sox wicked baad!!

    seriously, great work on updates and FRESH content, miss brittany! i want you to know i check back daily and so do about 7-10 of my closest associates.
    the Flyleaf Online team NEVER disappoints!!

  7. brittany Post author

    Brandi, you can keep waiting because I have nothing to update. The band is taking a break for a few weeks, and there’s nothing to report. I can’t just pull updates out of thin air. I’m not that magical.

    BTW — d0rkland is where ever Caleb goes. It follows him.

  8. brandi

    yay for flyleaf!!!! they are #1 on the chrsitian alternative/rock charts and #1 on the christian music charts over all awesome job flyleaf yaya

  9. Courtney

    My personal opinoin is that they should be #1, but oh, well. No one listens to me, anyway.

    Can I go to d0rkalnd, too?

  10. james

    remember that myspace i made with all the song i downloaded from this site so people could use them on their myspace?
    even though i had permission from u to put them up there and put them up for download f***ing myspace deleted the account those f***ing c**t mother f***ing f****ts

  11. Oayis

    James, you may have had permission from brittany, but Myspace won’t acknowledge that, because she is not affliated with the band or their label.

    So, to MySpace, the site you created is not allowed because it is not official.

  12. MADDiE

    hey cool web site, thnx 4 makin it. hey i heard that flyleaf was playing on july 7th @ juanitas && hope u can confirm that thnx


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