New Layout

Before I begin, I’d like to dedicate this update to Brandi.

Voila! New layout. I hope everyone likes it. The navigation may take a couple minutes to get used to, but I wanted something a little different. Ali made the cool logo on it for Flyleaf Online because she’s pretty much the greatest person in the world.

So, first off, a few tour dates from the Family Values Tour were added. There should be more coming soon. If you’re interested, you can look at the dates on Korn’s MySpace, but they’re missing venues.

I updated the FAQ a little with a couple song meanings and tweaked the band name answer because I found the names of some of James’ old bands. For the song info part, I’m going from things band members have explained, and in whatever case I can, I’ll add a direct quote so the message won’t be misconstrued. Most of the things that people have asked me in the FAQ question box are things I have no idea about. Others are personal, so I apologize if I haven’t answered it. In addition to that, one new affiliate was added in the internet section.

On the video page, the HQ AVI files for the MTV2 interviews were added thanks to Josh.

If anyone is interested in wikipedia, I heavily updated Flyleaf’s page today, and started writing Lacey’s page. If anyone has anything to add, please feel free to do so.

In the gallery, some pictures from what I think was the Boardwalk were added. If I’m wrong, please correct me. When I got the photos, I was given permission but no other info. A few from The Pound were put up as well as some from The Belmont. The Flyleaf & Fans section was also updated.

Also, keep voting for I’m So Sick on TRL and join the Octone contest. Or else I’ll judo chop you and you will cry.

19 thoughts on “New Layout

  1. cynthia

    hey i just wanted to say ya guys and girl…..ROCK!!!!!!! i love ya’s band i like the song “i’m so sick” that one rocked….well gtg………laterz

  2. Natasha

    i usually come here daily.
    but now i come here more often to look at the pretty layout.

    you have pretty amazing layout skills. go you :)

  3. brandi

    i love the new layout i love the dedication thanks again thats awesome but you know i think im dying for some new videos cus i think ive watched all of these at least three or four times hmm.. love ya man

  4. Miles

    I like the tab features, (on the left side) however I prefer the previous color scheme. The red makes the band look sort of weird, and the hot pink seemed to mesh better with the dark grey, and the band features.

  5. Marika

    Nice layout. Me likey.

    I promise I’ll call TRL as soon as I get a phone in my dorm room. Promise. *shuns judo chop*

  6. SnaraInsefs

    I read some of the posts and I think it is a great place! Are you kidding me about my jittery directory Fresh joke! When do you need to oil a mouse? When it squeaks.


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