Vote for Flyleaf on TRL

Flyleaf posted a bulletin on MySpace asking everyone to vote for them on TRL, so I’ll spread the message too. Vote for I’m So Sick! On the subject of MySpace, they added Fully Alive to their player. I’m guessing that was their stealthy way of relaying the new single message. Also, on the Octone ST, there’s a contest running for the TRL thing that I encourage everyone to join. This is the prize:

EVERY week we will choose a winner who will receive an autographed picture or poster. This contest will continue for 3 months until AUGUST 1st. At the end of the contest, we will pick one GRAND PRIZE WINNER who will receive a phone call from the band and full Flyleaf prize pack including autographed cd’s, t-shirts and more!

On Flyleaf Music, there’s a new ECard with photos of the band, the I’m So Sick video, and tour dates. In the gallery, I added full size versions of the I’m So Sick set shots and the live ones as well.

A ton of tour dates were added, but still no signs of dates for the Family Values Tour. I also updated the chart history page. Flyleaf is up to about 180,000 albums sold which is awesome. So congrats to them.

On the audio page, I added a short phone interview that Pat did with the Edge. He talks about his favorite tracks from the album, his influences and a few other things.

As a random sidenote, Flyleaf was finally added to the J Records website.

8 thoughts on “Vote for Flyleaf on TRL

  1. james

    if u listen to the version of fully alive they put on there myspace it’s a bit different from the one on the album.

    just thought u should know.

  2. crystal

    hello they r so awsome two thums up ^^ XD good job you guys rox i love u jk but i love the music and good job on the bass i wish i could be like that !!! g2g bye

    so long and good night

    i’m so sick , do u belive in god !!!!!!!!!

    good luck in TRL i vote 4 u guys so yea!!! adios


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