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Since is clearly taking over the world, and since Courtney suggested that I should do this, I added up a page with customized Flyleaf layouts here. There’s only one up now, but I’ll work diligently to make more and add them up later on tonight. You can view the Flyleaf Online MySpace profile here. I’ll be adding the layouts up there, and maybe in the future I’ll incorporate news and other stuff into the profile as well. OMG ADD ME.

As far as the Family Values tour is concerned, still no updates. If you want to sign up for “instant details” about the tour, you can go here and do so.

I was fiddling around with the new Amy Cooper photoshoot pictures and made a bunch of new link buttons. The other ones were lame looking. So if you ever get the random urge to link the site, you can use one of those.

In the video section, the interview from MTV2’s T-Minus rock was added thanks to Josh. We should have the rest of the interviews up as they air. Don’t forget to watch if you have MTV2. I also added a wallpaper using the new pictures. I’ll be making more of those. Possibly one for each band member and another group one.

I added a form to the affiliates page so you don’t have to go through the trouble of emailing if you want to be affiliated with the site. I added about four new affiliates by the way. You should all check out those sites, since they’re all awesome.

On the contact page, a form was also added. You can report errors, ask questions, leave comments or suggestions. Anything your heart desires, and I’ll try my best to make it happen.

In the gallery, I added more pictures from radio shows that Sameer and Lacey did as well as some miscellaneous shots from the Canal Club. Annnd that’s about it.

14 thoughts on “New Section :: MySpace Layouts

  1. Kim

    hate, abhor, detest myspace (but i fear it has become something akin to death and taxes – in other words “unavoidable”)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the black and red though – if suffer myspace we must, then thank goodness for talented graphic designers!!

  2. reginafilangie

    In the MTV T-Minus videos, I can hear the audio but I get no picture. Is this just me or this a problem with everyone and what do I do to see the video?

  3. Colt

    I cannot thank you enough for your work. I think it’s awesome. I was wondering if there was a way to get a layout like I already have, the lavender toned one of Lacey from the video, with color graphics and pics. I hate the fact that this requests seems ungrateful for your initial work. But it also seems you like to work on these layouts. Thanks for anything, and everything.

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