Big Gallery Update

Nothing is really going on as far as news aside from what we already know about the Family Values tour, so I come bearing mainly pictures today. I probably added a good 200 pictures or so. So enjoy. :]

Radio Shows
Fliers and Posters
Showplace Theatre
Flyleaf & Fans
Music Farm
Curtain Club
Cornerstone Festival
Miscellaneous Live Shots
Flyleaf Music Live Shots
The Cotillion
Nokia Live
Clothing Company Shots
Saratoga Winners

I also updated the tour dates and the affiliates so go check those out. Also, for anyone who’s interested in promoting the band with fliers, you can use this flier maker to do so. There’s one for every headlining date I believe.

7 thoughts on “Big Gallery Update

  1. Emmy

    I HEART your band my friend told me about you guys and now I LOVE IT my fav song is Im so sick and cassie and broken wings I HEART you guys so much


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