Family Values Tour, Webster Theatre Pictures and Audio, MTV Article

I think it’s finally official. Flyleaf will be touring with Korn and Deftones this summer. Tickets are going to be only $9.99 for lawn seats, which is a steal. You can check out an article about the tour and what cities they’re going to be playing here. Actual dates and venues haven’t been announced yet, but they should be soon. I also added up an article that MTV did on Flyleaf here. It touches on the album making process, their faith and a little bit about the tour.

A short interview from MTV’s Discover and Download was put up in the video section, and in the audio section, the show from the Webster was added. Thanks to Caleb and Tracie for those.

In the gallery, some pictures from Saratoga Winner’s were put up thanks to Patricia. Also added a bunch of pictures from the Webster thanks to Laurellz. A couple old Electric Factory pictures were added from the Snocore Tour.

Anyone want to see any new sections? The updates are getting moderately boring and I’m lost for ideas.

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