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Alrighty, everything is pretty much done, so I can redo this update. Flyleaf has been added to the UK Download Festival lineup. The show is taking place June 9-11. Not sure yet what date they’re playing, but I’ll let you all know when I find out.

I added the amount of albums sold to the chart history page incase anyone was interested. They’re up to about 127,000 now.

The videos from Flyleaf’s performance on Fuse’s Daily Download were put up in the video section thanks to Caleb. I’m So Sick and All Around Me were performed. They also did an interview with the band in between songs. MP3’s from the performance’s are in the audio section. In addition to the Fuse stuff, an MP3 from when Sameer and Lacey took over Squizz radio was added. Also, the two performances, Believe in Dreams and I’m So Sick, were reuploaded in a way better quality.

All of the Fuse caps were uploaded into the gallery here. Those include the two performances and the interview. The miscellaneous live set of photos I mentioned before are here.

2 thoughts on “Fuse’s Daily Download

  1. Leo Z

    i really love flyleaf you guys do rock your the first band that i like when i heard you guys for the first time so yeah well you rock


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