Off The Wagon Videos

I decided that Flyleaf Online needs to be pimped up a little. So, I just recoded the whole video page because it was getting to be ridiculously overpacked. Included in the recode, the Off the Wagon videos were added. 14 in total, and in the order they were played. Thanks to Caleb for those. Some from Zydeco should be coming up soon. So sit tight.

I also made it so the tour dates scroll in a marquee. I was planning on doing that when I added this new layout a long time ago, but I couldn’t find a code that didn’t fail miserably. A few more things should be coming in the next couple days.

Tomorrow, I’ll be working on a new gallery layout. That one has been there for a while. But for now, I added up a bunch of pictures from 6th Street & Wall from when the band was Passerby. A few new ones from Global Gathering were put up as well as some from Juanita’s thanks to Luke and Meagan. I capped the Flyleaf EPK video since it was decent quality. Recently the band did a shoot with Cynthia Rubin that everyone should check out here. Annddd some radio station had a thing where a fan could be chosen to get a “Rock Star Makeover” courtesy of Lacey and Melanie. You can see pictures from that here.

7 thoughts on “Off The Wagon Videos

  1. Kim

    i like the scrolling tour dates marquee! (anything that’s less work for me.)

    what sets this site apart from others is the attention to detail both in the visual design and in the volume and quality of content! displaying the tour dates transparently over the background of the flyleaf logo looks great! the extra effort (and lost sleep) is very much appreciated!! thanks, guys.


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