Icons, Audio and Stuff

First off, the lyrics to Guilty and Okay have finally been added. I can’t guarantee that they’re 100% correct, but it’s as close as we’re getting for now.

In the media section, I added up some icon bases that Sleepwalker from the Flyleaf Fans Forum made. Also, a couple new shows were put up in the audio section. Three acoustic tracks were added too. Two acoustic versions of I’m So Sick and one of Believe in Dreams. So check them out. Oh, annnd I added Ocean Waves to the Flyleaf Radio upon request.

Within the next few days, the show from Montgomery Alabama will be added to the video section. To those of you that want something now, you can download Okay/Tina from that show. Please right click and hit save target as because the file isn’t zipped. I would appreciate it. To those on dialup, beware. The file is about 200 mbs. Thanks to Caleb for his awesomeness.

14 thoughts on “Icons, Audio and Stuff

  1. Sleepwalker

    Itäs wierd to see people at the boards using those icons I have made… x) Thank you for putting them up.

    Believe In Dreams!! *goes to listen*

    Thanks, rock on!

  2. Jackie

    Hey whats yall what are yall up to me here in school just listen to yalls music i love yall music everytime im in school i always listen to yall music it helps me to do my work and everything well i hope yall write back to me well love yal much byes


  3. Jenny

    Could you maybe add Eyes to See or Sleepwalker to the radio? That’d be awesome. I will soon be sending pics from the show in Tampa at the Orpheum!

  4. Natasha

    I’m putting Flyleaf in the school newspaper. :] not much, I know, but it would be nice if more people here listened to them.
    pretty layout, as usual. [:

  5. Caleb

    If you’re referring to the Okay/Tina video linked in the most recent update here, then she’s saying “Don’t waste this chance” in the screaming towards the end.


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