Grand re-opening!

Okay, I’m all rested up and ready to report for duty. First off, congrats to Flyleaf on making the front page of Yahoo Music. They did a performance and an interview with them. Those can be viewed here and downloaded from the video page. Thanks to Caleb for snagging those for the site. In addition to the Yahoo videos, three videos from Spec’s Music Store were added. Thank you to Vanessa for those. All of the higher quality videos were added back up as well, so download!

As you guys can see, the Flyleaf radio has been added back to the front page. If anybody has requests that they want to see added to the radio, feel free to comment. I’m open to suggestions.

The tour page was updated with new dates. I’m not sure who they’re playing with on some of those, but I’ll update when I find out. Also, the chart history page was updated. Flyleaf jumped up to 88 on the Top 200 chart which is awesome. They’ve also hit over 100,000 in album sales.

In the gallery, a ton of pictures from Spec’s Music Store were put up thanks to Vanessa and Ashley. About 30 were added from the Global Gathering show they played. Thanks to Vanessa for some of those. Some beautiful pictures from Music Farm were put up thanks to John Riney and Jake. I think those are my favorite set of pictures on the site. Pictures from Piere’s were added thanks to Metal Underground and Scott Legato. A few miscellaneous live shots were added too.

The transfer wasn’t as smooth as intended obviously, but everything should be back up and running. If you see anything that looks wrong, or notice that something isn’t there that was there before, feel free to let me know and I’ll fix it. Also, I want to expand this place, so if you have any ideas, please share.

28 thoughts on “Grand re-opening!

  1. james

    hey brittany!
    it’s ur myspace bud james…lol

    well….im super excited about flyleaf on the yahoo exclusives.
    =) I recently have been speaking to lacey about my problems at home with my mom… and she’s been VERY helpful.

    She def. knows what she’s talking about and I think i’ve been able to cope with being at home better because of her advice…

    oh and i asked her about the whole thing about me going on tour with her and john and she was like….”uhhh. no” lol she said he was just lying and being a pain.
    she said it would have been one thing if he just lied about just him going on tour with them but he didn’t have to say that i could come with him….lol

    haha whatevr though….that’s just john.

  2. Kim

    brittany – good work; get some sleep. you’ll get wacky if you don’t. :)
    did aaron suggest pink or did caleb? :)
    hang in there!
    “Build it and they WILL come.”

  3. james

    hey u should get the audio from the yahoo performance and put it on the audio page…

    i want to download that audio from that performance and burn it to a CD.

  4. Caleb


  5. Ragen

    hey great site…love how u got older songs from flyleaf on here…especially the cover they did of NIN’s Something i Can never have! The site rox! keep up the great work!!!!


  6. Caleb

    Ragen, that yahoo performance is on here. Look in the videos section. James, she was talking to me. Because I like to SPAM HER SITE FROM VARIOUS PLACES IN ALABAMA. SPAMSPAMSPAM.


  7. Caleb

    I asked them directly a couple days ago about how they’d like Life to be widespread on the internet, (because I had just read that comment here) and they were like… ‘o_o *pause* …not really…’. They seem think it’s old and that they’ve done wayyy better, just from what I gather.

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  12. Jade

    OMG! i know i am so late on this topic but i thought it was so sweet for flyleaf to visit africa and help those kids get all inspired by them i mean if it were me and i met them i would go super CRAZY! ! ! but this is not about me lol. but any way that was the most nice thing i think any of my favorite bands would do. well flyleaf is my only any way keep on rockin.


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